Dyatlov Pass

The celestial phenomena that accompanied the Incident almost convinced everybody that the skiers’ lives had been sacrificed to the new Soviet idol – the rocket.

In the criminal case, there is a radnote of particular interest, sent to the headquarters of the search party:

3/2-59 yr. — 18:30  
[…] the main mystery of the tragedy remains the exit of the entire group out of the tent […] The reason could be any extraordinary natural phenomenon, such as the flight of a meteorological rocket, OBSERVED ON THE 1st OF FEBRUARY IN IVDEL and by Karelin’s group [stop] Tomorrow we will continue the search [end]

A vague evidence of the “rocket version” once managed to reach Vladimir Korotayev:

“Many years later, I talked to some scientists from Korolyov’s circle, the office of academician Rauschenbach, to be exact. It was hinted to me that, so they say, there were some tests being done.”

All the requests sent to various launch sites by researchers, however, yielded no results: there had been no rocket launches in the Soviet Union from the 1st to the 2nd of February.

Perhaps, the relics and stigmas of the rocket cult can be found in the Sverdlovsk taiga?

Since the time of the search party operation, there were rumors of a secret training ground located somewhere near the site of the accident. Locals still relate legends of meetings with military patrols in the middle of the taiga, holes in the hillsides sealed with concrete, and the sound of a train that comes from under the ground in the woods.