Dyatlov Pass

Always domineering physically and psychologically, he can induce terror, stupefaction, and panic. Some say he has control over fog and wind. Telepathic phenomena are also common. Oftentimes the Kompolen melts into thin air, leaving no traces on the soil or the snow.

Among numerous evidences collected by Koshmanova only few tell of people being mutilated or killed by the Kompolen.

The Russian historian N. M. Karamzin brings up a legend about a forest giant “who would grab ten or more people with his hand so that they could not take him alive…” In 1946, in the village of Shamya, a forest man killed a child, ripping him to shreds, and put his head on a stake. Koshmanova relates a story where a “forest spirit” killed a woman by ripping out her lower jaw.

Despite his sometimes monstrous size, pointed skull and the thick short hair covering his body and face, the Mansi never refer to “the Host” as an animal. “This is a person; however,” say the Mansi, “he is from another world.”

“It was the night of February 1st, 1959”. Despite such an epic prologue, the book of the Mansi author Olga Koshmanova, Staring at the Back, makes no mention of the Dyatlov Incident, not even in passing. By a strange coincidence, that very night the author had met “the Host” in a remote village in the Ural taiga. That encounter inspired her almost 50-year-long quest for evidence of this “forest spirit”.

According to the natives’ belief, being in close proximity to “the Host” often comes with a blend of tactile, visual and mental sensations described with the concept of “mayachit*which could be roughly rendered in English as “to seem”, “to loom” and “to oscillate””. The places where the Kompolen roams are called “spellbound”. The Mansi put their altars at the borders of those places.

Quite often, such locations will coincide with areas of electromagnetic anomalies.

Once in the forbidden territory, people start to hear things: whistles, stamping of the feet, and shouts - at times so shrilly as to cause vomit. If trespassers do not heed the warning, the Host may appear in the flesh.

THE MAN FROM ANOTHER WORLD*From the Mansi language, Khumpolen — a man-spirit, a man from another world.