Dyatlov Pass

On September 11th, 2002, mining master Yuri Yakimov came across something in the woods while working the night shift at the Ivdel bauxite quarry. What seemed at first to be a powerful searchlight apparatus swaying in the trees, suddenly began to show signs of intelligent life: the source of the light somehow “sensed” Yakimov’s gaze, and immediately turned to face him. However, as soon as Yakimov averted his eyes from the object, the beam, in turn, withdrew.

Then, a few “lanterns” separated from the searchlight and started to approach him quickly. As soon as Yakimov would turn away, the lights would suspend their motion. Deciding not to tempt fate, Yakimov retreated.     

Shortly before that, in August, the ranger of the national park, “Denezkhin Kamen”, Valentin Rudkovskiy observed a whole cycle of “work” of some “light unit”. Just as in Yakimov’s case, it was reacting to his look and sending off rapidly moving “flashlights”. After hiding from the “unit” behind a large log for four hours, the ranger saw it “turning off” with an electric crackle, followed by a strong gust of wind.

The story made it to the pages of a local newspaper, and Yakimov was struck at its similarity with his own case. When he found Rudkovskiy and asked him about the coordinates of the sighting, the ranger snapped:

“The Mansi suggested that I do not go back there ever again.”