Dyatlov Pass

On the evening of February 2, another student hiking group led by Anatoli Shumkov climbed Mount Chistop.

Mercury is way below -30C*-22F. At least there is no wind. Finally, one more trek upward, and we’re on the top! A truly unique feeling! The main mountain range of the Urals stretches across the North-West. About 25 kilometers away the snowy white dome of Mount Otorten is looming against the dark, night sky. – Mikhail Vladimirov, member of the ascent

The tourists were already preparing for the descent, when the sullen clouds in the north suddenly flashed silver. A white spark flew upward from the depths of the valley of Otorten and floated between the mountain peaks.

This “thing” was flying silently and slowly from the south to the north over the ridge of the Urals. It was glowing quite brightly. The way it illuminated the hovering clouds, at the height of 2.5 to 3 km, was very strange. – Anatoli Shumkov, leader of the group