Dyatlov Pass

In 2009 researchers Aleksei Koskin and Yuri Kuntsevich gained access to the archives of the late Prosecutor Ivanov. Six film strips*photo negatives of the trip provided a grasp of what exactly Ivanov implied by the “key materials”. As it has turned out, the frame with the installation of the tent – previously considered to be the last photo of the “Dyatlovs”, – is followed by another image: a foggy light*The specific octagonal highlights, coming from the number of diaphragm plates in the “Industar-50” lens, suggests that the photo was taken by means of light coming through the lens, i.e. it is not a defect of the film. source is moving, or rather burning, against the pitch-dark background.

The camera “Zorkiy” the image was taken with, belonged to Yuri Krivonischenko, and was found in the tent, attached to a homemade tripod. That is, in the last moments of their stay in the tent, the “Dyatlovs” deliberately mounted the camera on the tripod, and shot some burning or glowing object…


...from Yuri Krivonischenko's camera