Dyatlov Pass

The force lines of the Dyatlov mystery inexorably converge in the dark heart of the labyrinth, the gloomy forest of the Voguls, where this once militant race gradually withers away, lulled by the harsh climate, primordial landscapes, and, the scourge of all indigenous peoples, the firewater.

Back in the old days, each clan of Mansi owned vast shares of land. But the Voguls avoid certain places*Among them being the mountains Chistop, Kholat-Syakhyl and Otorten… even in “their” tribal and ancestral lands, so as not to disturb the real proprietors, spirits and gods. They are reluctant to talk of unusual things, as the outsiders delving too deep in Mansi mysticism always end badly.

PER UNA SELVA OSCURA*“(I found me) in a gloomy wood, astray” - the second line of Dante’s Divine Comedy