Dyatlov Pass

Over the past half-century, more than twenty versions of the deaths of the “Dyatlovs” were put forward.
It is quite understandable why there is such a strong desire to explain what had happened without involving outside or otherworldly beings. Supporters of the versions of natural phenomena argue that the skiers had been blown down by the wind, piled with an avalanche, frightened by infrasound, etc.

An author Eugene Buyanov, himself a seasoned mountaineer, posits that the skiers disturbed the snowpack by cutting into the snowy slope to set up their tent, and thus, received their injuries. Then, they cut open their tent, dug themselves out, attempted to survive in the woods and succumbed to the elements.  

However there has never been recorded snowpack disturbances, not to mention full-scale avalanches, on the sloping hillside of Kholat-Syakhyl. The same applies to the hypothetical natural generators of infrasound.

What is even harder to imagine is how the wounded members of the group could have hiked 1.5 km, while reeling from injuries that are believed to have only left them twenty agonizing minutes of life.