Dyatlov Pass


The night of the 1st of February marks the coming of Imbolc, the ancient Holiday of the Candles*Candlemas, the Day of Fires, the Day of St. Brigid, and, originally, the Day of the Mother Goddess. We are reminded of the idol brought from Rome that became the Golden Fire of the Mansi. As well as of the “fireballs”, the “light units”, the “spectacle in the sky”, and the “powerful searchlights” that release “lanterns”. The constant of strange glare pierces the landscapes of this tale.
Every year, on February 2nd, the friends of the killed skiers and all those fascinated by the mystery come to the Mikhailovsky Cemetery in Yekaterinburg, and light candles on the tombs of the “Dyatlovs”. The Golden Fire flickers anew over the bones of the Nine.

Like any grand mystery, the story of the night on the Mountain of the Dead emits a hidden gravity, attracting different explanations to it. Seemingly isolated details merge together into one alarming and pulsing nebula, where rockets and demons, radars and anomalies, intelligence and occultism adjoin.

The longer you gaze into the strange debris of the Dyatlov Incident, the more tangible is the feeling of descent into some frightening fractal, where each puzzle falls apart in cascades of new questions. As if through a cardboard cipher, we get a glimpse of a dark and profound message, hidden behind the grid of accidents, coincidences and synchronicities.