Dyatlov Pass

Very early in the inquest, the Mansi showed Korotayev drawings*According to Korotayev, the investigator Lev Ivanov withdrew them from the investigation, and sent them to Moscow to the Deputy General Prosecutor Urakov. of flaming balls and an elongated body, spewing flames from its tail. It was hard to say whether it was a rocket or something else. That year, the sky over the taiga began revealing strange signs. In the outside world, the space age has arrived.

One night, military members of the search party had been awakened by those on duty, and witnessed an unusual phenomenon.

“We got up and looked at the place where the Dyatlovs’ tent had been: there were two mountain peaks there. And in complete silence, a fireball flew from one peak to the other, rotating. And when it reached the other peak and sort of hit it, there was a flash like that of welding, followed by a rumble, as if from an explosion.” – Viktor Klimenko

Another soldier reported the following:

“Gunfire could be heard there for the first few days. Some sort of explosions. God only knows. We told the Platoon commander: We’re not going to stay here. Tell Moscow to stop this bombardment. The radio operator reached Moscow, and relayed all this to them. There were explosions for about a day after that, and then, everything stopped.” – Himza Syunikayev


There is also a recollection of a Colonel of Railway Troops, Kupriyanov, related by Mikhail Vladimirov:

“On New Year’s Eve of 1960, all of us hikers met in the house of Colonel Kupriyanov, the father of our classmate, Rita Kupriyanova.

The conversation turned to the dead tourists from the Polytechnic Institute once again. The Colonel told us in secret, that when all the search parties left the area of the incident, soldiers from his regiment arrived there. One night, a sergeant reports on the R/T:
“A fireball is rolling down the mountain. It is dividing into several balls, and all of them are heading for us. What should we do?”

“Act as is appropriate.”

The soldiers hid in their tent and survived. However, they suffered from severe nervous shock.”